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Singapore airline miles gives you a luxury experience at a price you can afford.

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What’s in a Miles Purchase?
A Five Star Experience

Purchasing KrisFlyer miles means signing up for an absolutely incredible in-flight experience. Using KrisFlyer miles for your economy, premium economy, and business upgrades will give you a high-end experience at fantastic savings.

Singapore Air is one of 10 airlines that achieved a 5 stars rating by Skytrax Ratings, and they also win multiple awards each year. Their gold standard in onboard products, in-flight service, cabin accomodations, and fine dining are the leading reasons they’ve achieved celebrity status.

Their home airport, Changi Airport, is another wower. Renowned as one of the most magnificent ones in the world, Changi Airport doesn’t just boast a shopping experience. International cuisine, luxury lounges, internet kiosks, themed gardens, playgrounds, entertainment facilities, waterfalls, spas, indoor forest trails, and some other amenities fill Changi Airport’s 380,000 square feet.

Stewardess in Singapore Airline premium economy class

Krisflyer Miles takes you far at Singapore air

Earn KrisFlyer miles when flying Singapore Air to enjoy these upgrades.

Flight Tickets

Flight ticket

Hotel Stays

Hotel Stays

Car Rentals

Car Rental

Priority Check-ins

Priority Check-ins

Premium Lounges

Premium Lounges

Class Upgrades

Class Upgrades

Singapore Air is a proud

Star Alliance Member

Star Alliance Member logo

Buy KrisFlyer miles to enjoy all Star Alliance Member bonuses.
You can also redeem KrisFlyer miles on most Star Alliance Member airlines.

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Purchase KrisFlyer miles to fly Singapore Air’s Flying Hotel

Singapore Airline's first class cabin bed and reclining chair Singapore Airline's  first class cabin Singapore Airline's double bed in first class Singapore Airline's business class

This luxury A380 has private suites and showers, accessible by an elegant staircase. Complete with a leather swivel chair, stand-alone bed, doors for privacy, carpeted floor, en-suite wardrobe, and some other Singapore Air advantages, you’re all set for splendor in the sky.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are KrisFlyer miles?

In order to earn KrisFlyer miles, you must be a KrisFlyer member. KrisFlyer miles are miles earned when flying Singapore Airlines or with their partners, shopping popular brands on KrisFlyer, and through some other means. KrisFlyer miles can then be redeemed for lots of perks from Singapore Airlines, as well as their partners.

If you’re short of KrisFlyer miles, you can buy KrisFlyer miles and utilize them for the difference in missing miles needed to get your KrisFlyer rewards.

How can I become a KrisFlyer member?

It’s actually pretty simple. Fill out this It’s pretty simple. Fill out the registration form on Singapore Airlines website and start earning KrisFlyer miles.

How can I earn KrisFlyer miles?

In order to earn KrisFlyer miles you have to have a frequent flyer account with Singapore Airlines. You can earn KrisFlyer miles when you fly Singapore Airlines or one of their partners (you can even calculate how many KrisFlyer miles you’ll earn for each trip before booking your flight), rent cars, stay at hotels, utilize financial services, pay bills with Singapore Airlines co-brand cards, or shop at Singapore Airlines retail partners.

Once you earn a significant amount of KrisFlyer miles, you can utlize those miles to ‘purchase’ an award such as a ticket, cabin upgrade, hotel stay, and the like.

How do I claim my KrisFlyer miles?

In order to earn your KrisFlyer miles, make sure to book your flight using your KrisFlyer membership number. Generally, you’ll find your KrisFlyer miles added to your KrisFlyer account within 2-4 weeks of your flight on Singapore Airlines or one of their airline partners.

KrisFlyer miles earned through non-airline partners (such as hotels, car agencies, retailers), must be claimed by filling out a retroactive mileage claim form and attaching your receipts. KrisFlyer miles earned with non-airline partners will generally appear in your account after 6-8 weeks.

Can I transfer my KrisFlyer miles?

No. You cannot transfer your KrisFlyer miles from one account to another, nor can you pool family members’ KrisFlyer miles. You may, however, give nominees permission to use your miles. You can have up to 5 nominees on your account.

Who are Singapore Airlines’ partners?

They have many partners and codeshare arrangements to bring travelers flexible connecting flights, access to loungers, and other travel conveniences all over the globe. Additionally, as a Star Alliance member, Singapore Airlines gives you greater access to more flights and more locations.

How much are KrisFlyer miles worth?

Prices vary, but the average price for miles purchased at Singapore Air is $40 for 1,000 points. At, you can get 1,000 miles for just $18.

How can I redeem my KrisFlyer miles?

For air travel, first, you can calculate how many KrisFlyer miles your trip will require. Once you have that information you can book a flight utilizing your KrisFlyer miles. You can also request cabin upgrades utilizing your KrisFlyer miles when booking your flight. For shopping, you can log into your KrisFlyer member account and begin shopping on KrisShop.

To reserve hotel accommodations with KrisFlyer points, redeem them at KrisFlyer Rooms.

To see what else you can do with your KrisFlyer miles, log into your KrisFlyer account and start redeeming your KrisFlyer rewards.

Which tiers are there for KrisFlyer members?

In addition to KrisFlyer membership, there are several other tiers. KrisFlyer Elite Silver status is earned after collecting 25,000 miles within 12 months. You can earn these miles after flying Singapore Airlines, or with many of their partners, or Star Alliance partners. The benefits of KrisFlyer Elite Silver include bonus tiers when flying with Singapore , priority seating, standby, and seating, waived and discounted services, and access to many Star Alliance benefits across the globe (which includes entrance to luxury lounges, priority check-ins and baggage handling, and more).

KrisFlyer Elite Gold status is earned after collecting 50,000 miles within 12 months. You can earn these miles after flying Singapore Airlines, or with many of their partners, or Star Alliance partners. The benefits of KrisFlyer Elite Gold include priority boarding, seating, standby, and baggage handling, waived and discounted services, and access to many Star Alliance benefits across the globe (which includes entrance to luxury lounges, priority check-ins, boarding, and baggage handling, complimentary upgrades to business class on Heathrow Express, and more)

When will KrisFlyer miles be credited?

On Singapore and SilkAire, your KrisFlyer miles will be credited to your KrisFlyer account up to 2 weeks after your flight. On Singapore partner airlines, your miles will be credited up to 4 weeks after your flight.

When do KrisFlyer miles expire

KrisFlyer miles expire after 3 years, regardless of account activity. If you are transferring from credit cards, don’t transfer to KrisFlyer until you are ready to book an award and have confirmed it is available.

What can I do if I don’t have enough KrisFlyer miles for an airline ticket?

When you book a ticket on you can use your KrisFlyer miles to pay for part of your fare and other travel amenities on flights operated by Singapore Airlines or SilkAir. After using your miles, you can use your credit card to pay the remainder of the fare.

However, if you book your ticket through a travel agent or Singapore Airlines call center, you can’t mix KrisFlyer miles with cash.

What you can do, is buy the amount of KrisFlyer miles you are missing from an independent seller, such as and utilize your KrisFlyer miles purchase towards your airline ticket.

Who are KrisFlyer Miles partners?

Singapore Air partnered with many airlines to provide you with more travel opportunities, and more perks. This includes connecting flights, access to loungers, and lots more. You can see all of Singapore Air’s partners here.

Can I use KrisFlyer miles to purchase tickets for children?

Yes. As long as an adult is accompanying the child, Singapore air will allow you to redeem KrisFlyer miles for children’s tickets. Singapore Air is a good choice to travel with children, as they provide baby care items such as diapers, bibs, bottles, wipes, and the like.

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