Frequently Asked Questions

About buying airline miles online
Why should I purchase flight miles?

Purchasing flight miles is an excellent idea. Why? Flight miles are, in essence, almost like real money. How? When you save up your airline miles until you have a significant amount, you can utilize them to purchase airline tickets, book hotels, rent cars, and so much more. What if you are a bit short of the necessary amount of flight miles you need for your purchase? Buying flight miles is your answer.

Can flight miles be used partially, in addition to cash, to book an airline ticket?

Some airlines allow you to use air miles/points to pay for some of the airline ticket and pay the remainder by cash. Other airlines do not allow this, and require you to have enough miles to pay for the entire flight. For the latter, can easily purchase airline miles online to complete paying in all miles for the order.

How many points does it take to purchase a plane ticket?

The costs of airline tickets will differ depending on your flight. Domestic flights will likely require less miles (less cost) than a long, international flight. You can find out how many flight miles/points it will take to purchase your ticket by visiting the airline’s website and selecting the “pay with miles” (or similar) option.

Will my airline miles expire?

Expiration of flight miles will depend on the airline. Some airline miles have an expiration date, while other company’s miles/points do not expire.

How do you redeem my accrued points and purchase airline tickets using miles?

To purchase an airline ticket using points, proceed to the airline’s website and select a flight the way you normally would, with destination and flight times. Then select the “pay with miles” (or similar) option, and the price in points should appear, allowing you to redeem your points in exchange for the flight. Oftentimes there are restrictions on the flights, such as certain flight times or seats.

Will I earn flight miles if I purchase a ticket for another individual?

When you are purchasing flights with cash/credit for yourself and others (for example, a friend or family member) most airlines will allow you earn the flight miles for all tickets, not just your own seat. If you are booking a ticket with points, some airlines do not allow you to earn points when the ticket was booked with just points.

Can my airline miles be used to purchase a flight for someone else?

You can use your flight miles to book a flight for yourself, a friend or family member. This is standard for any airline. The individual who uses the seat does not make a difference.

If I book a plane ticket with airline miles/points, is it refundable?

If you purchased your plane ticket using flight miles, whether or not it is a refundable ticket will depend on the airline carrier, and they will likely let you know at the time of purchase.

Why would someone purchase extra flight miles?

If you are very close to a reward flight, where you will be able to \'purchase\' the entire flight with miles, it may be worth spending the small amount of money on the amount of miles you need. Using your points is a great way to fly at a discounted rate.

How do I buy airline miles for a specific airline?

You can purchase airline miles for a specific airline right here at! You can purchase any amount of flight miles you need right here on our website. You provide your account number with that airlines’ account and we can transfer points to that account.

How does my preferred airline of choice handle points/ flight miles towards flight purchases?

For any specific questions on how your preferred or favorite airline will allow you to use miles, the exchange rate, or the number of points needed per flight, you can contact us right here on and we'll be happy to assist you.

Is it smart to buy airline miles?

This really depends on why you want to purchase miles, and which airline you are flying. The most obvious reason people buy airline miles or points is because they have already accumulated a nice amount of airline reward miles, yet they are missing the specific amount needed for their redemption. By purchasing airline miles, the consumer will have the required amount of airline miles for their reward. Another reason you may prefer buying airline miles or points is because there are benefits to using airline miles for redemption over other payment options. Sometimes you can save on taxes, business class tickets, one way tickets, cabin upgrades, and more. This value of the airline miles depends on the specific airline and reward you’re looking at. Feel free to contact us at so that we can help you figure out how to best apply your airline miles.

Where can I buy airline miles?

You can purchase airline miles at most airlines, directly from the airline. However, you will most likely get a much better price by buying miles from an independent broker, such as This is because airlines generally keep the prices for airline miles high so as not to compete against themselves.

What is a good price for buying airline miles?

This really depends on the airline miles you want to purchase. Each airline and each broker will have different prices for their miles. At we pride ourselves on giving you the best prices for airline miles purchases — and we invite you to challenge us.

Is it cheaper to buy airline miles than airline tickets?

This really depends on the type of ticket you want to purchase. Often, you can save money on related fees, and specific purchases such as business class tickets, one way tickets, cabin upgrades, and more. This depends on the specific airline and reward you’re looking at. Contact us at to learn more about whether you should use airline miles or other payment methods for your trip.