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Buy Flight Mile’s Terms, Conditions &

Buy Flight Mile’s Terms, Conditions & Disclaimers

Buyflightmiles.com is not affiliated with any of the airlines you see represented as travel partners on our site. While we are here to help you book reward travel, we cannot guarantee flight availability for certain times on any airlines. We are not responsible for any issues or complaints you may have with said airlines.

Please be sure to provide us with correct information, including accurate spellings of the name on your account and the proper rewards program number, as errors can result in a transfer to the wrong account. Transfer of miles is final and non-refundable; there can be no reversals or cancellations.

Any personal information such as name and email address that is provided to Buyflightmiles.com will be used only for access to perform the purchase of airline miles/points, as agreed upon. Buyflightmiles.com will not share or sell your personal information to any additional parties.

Once you submit a request to purchase or sell miles or points, you have accepted all of the above terms.

Delivery Policy: Once your airline miles order is placed, Buy Flight Miles swings into action. We get your airline points into your personal mileage account within the designated time frame (which is generally 24-72 business hours on business days, depending on the airline). If the points are not received by the buyer within seven business days, Buy Flight Miles will provide a full refund.